Sunday, 5 February 2017

Can we create Matrix using AI?

Would it be possible for us to create real time world simulation?

We started using super computers with few thousands of processors, unbelievable number of RAM, insane Internet speed, and all that working as one unit.

We use them for predicting climate, solving problems, do different types of simulations, but can they run Matrix?
On first look you could think, ok, how hard it can be?

Let's try to think for few minutes what we need for building Matrix.
For this purpose we will speak in OOP world, so describing what kind of "objects" we need.

First we need "World", he will be filled with "People", "Animals", "Physics rules", "Oceans", "Nature", "Rivers", "Mountains", "Threes", "Cars", "Homes", ... and many other things.
Now you can think, ok, at some point I will create all of them, then you can think what to do next...?

What is the main ingredient for life itself? It's Sun. So we need to map our whole planetary system.
On then add "Sun", "Moon", "Mars" and others...
Create them and just add basic rules, all planets are circling around soon at some speeds, they are spinning at certain speeds, and we did that, perfect.

Now we have light on our planet, hmm, so now what we need is "Climate", some times we have sunny days, some days rain, some days wind, snow,...

Let's assume we did that too, now we have day and night zones, climate, so we can work on photosynthesis because we need oxygen. We did that too, ok, at this point it started to be very complex and we just started.

Let's say everything is done, let us concentrate only at one place, one city, and then on block.
How many people live there? How many streets, shops, jobs, cars, dogs, cats are there?
And you fill all that info, what is left is our SOUL!

We still can't create that good AI to simulate our way of thinking. Our way of getting knowledge, our way of getting friends, every person has something unique and that computer can't simulate. Still...

Best companies in the world didn't even scratch the surface what is our brain capable of.

When we count all necessary things we need to create in Matrix, your brain already started imagine that in your head, all the places, streets, different people, worlds and that machine can't do...

Machines are now just capable to use our data we provide them and manipulate in some sort to get a result we think it is good.
I hope it will stay like that for a long time, because if somebody do create that good program, we will all be without job :)

Let's say in we do create that good AI, what do we need more? Can you imagine how big data centers it will require, just to store memories of 1,000 people? Matrix is still out our reach, and it will take us some time to reach that goal, maybe we will never reach it but who knows, maybe where are we now is only one big simulation...

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